A screen grab of Tetseo Sisters sharing the message of saying 'no' to drugs and 'yes' to life Credit: YouTube

Kohima: Renowned Naga quartet — the Tetseo Sisters — released their latest music video titled Say Yes to Life on International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, showing why one should say ‘No’ to drugs and ‘Yes’ to life.

Spreading the message that life is a beautiful gift, the song talks about how life is worth every moment and that choosing life over “things that cut it short” is a “happy choice”.

An initiative of the Nagaland Police, the 3:08-minute-long music video features the Tetseo sisters — Mercy, Azi, Kuvelü, and Lulu — alongside their brother Mhaseve Tetseo.

Watch the video here:

“So many times, we find that it is easier to say than to actually act positively. But that doesn’t mean we stop trying. This song here is another reminder to each and everyone of us to say ‘Yes to Life’ in spite of everything that could tell or tempt us otherwise. Life is worth it every time and so ‘Please’ choose life. Life is too precious. Don’t ever give up or waste it,” the video description read.

Speaking with EastMojo, Mercy Tetseo said: “We got a five-day deadline to write, record and produce the song initially but we were working to finish a few other projects with similar deadlines so we ended up recording the song in just one night, and the final mix came through roughly two nights later.”

The music video is recorded, mixed and produced by Mhaseve Tetseo

She then said that after submitting the song, they were asked to create a music video as well which took them another day for “coordinating, shooting and putting it together”.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she said that the music video was recorded and video-graphed from their homes. “All at home and safely. Azi’s video parts were shot on mobile by her 7 year old son,” she added.

Azi Tetseo’s part was shot by her 7-year-old son

“We want to encourage everyone who is battling an addiction to stay strong and not give up. We care. Your family cares. Your loved ones never give up on you. Life is worth hanging on to,” she said.

She also encouraged all the the ‘youngsters’ to be aware and re-think before going down that road although temptations may “come strong”. “There really isn’t a rewind. We lose so much to drugs. Just say No. Cliche but there is so much more to life. Get high on life, music, art! Say yes to life everyday,” she added.

The Tetseo Sisters

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With excitement, Mercy Tetseo revealed that the Narcotics Control Board has notified them that the song is one of the 10 top entries for this year’s song campaign. She said “We are elated. Hope many more get to hear the positive message and take it to heart and say Yes to Life and always #NoToDrugs”.

While saying that no lockdown rules were flouted during the making of the music video, the Tetseo Sisters also mentioned that all the papers that were used in the video are being recycled.

The music video is recorded, mixed and produced by Mhaseve Tetseo MKT Li Tsale Records.

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