Director of Health Services Dr Aman Warr during a briefing on Tuesday

Shillong: In an unusual case, a 70-year-old Ri-Bhoi resident became the first to be declared false positive in the state. The case is interesting because even after testing positive, all his contacts high and low rise tested negetive. He also started making a quick recovery. Several rapid test and RT PCR tests were carried out on him and found to be negative in all the tests. No antibodies were found when the Rapid Test was done.

The senior citizen was tested positive on June 9, he got admitted to the Roberts Hospital in Shillong with Lower Respiratory Tract Infection.

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Director of Health Services Dr Aman Warr said that since the machine used for testing are 99% accurate, so maybe this case in Meghalaya can be that 1% error of the machine.

“Rapid Test was done on the day he was admitted, and he tested negative. The patient’s sample was taken on day 7 for RT PCR test, and it turned out to be negative. Rapid test was done on the same day, and no antibodies were found. The 24-hour test sample was taken, and that also turned out to be negative; likewise, the Rapid Test was also tested negative. Contact tracing of 59 high risks from Ri-Bhoi was done, and all were negative. Low-Risk cases which were 79 were also negative,” informed Dr Warr.

Emphasising that if the patient was positive antibodies should be seen in the Rapid Test carried out. The case has now been labelled as Lower Respiratory Tract Infection.

“The inference found from this was that the case at Roberts’ Hospital is a false positive case, and the number of positive cases recorded in Meghalaya is 43 and not 44. The number of active cases stands 14 and not 15,” added Dr Warr.

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