Spot inspection carried out by Meghalaya government on Tuesday

Shillong: Iewduh market has been closed for over two months, and livelihood of several people impacted. But there is still no clarity on when the market will open. There was some hope on Tuesday, when, Meghalaya deputy chief minister inspected the market to look at the possibility of reopening the popular shopping spot.

Addressing the media after the inspection, Tynsong said that the government is trying its best to reopen the market; however, due to the ongoing crisis, it has become difficult.

Tynsong informed that no decision has been taken just yet, but a meeting with concerned departments will be convened soon.

“We will go back and sit down and take a decision unanimously. Ultimately we need to understand that not only for the sake of opening up the market but we are talking about livelihood and safety of the people. We need to work out the details how to go about reopening of Iewduh market. As mentioned taking into consideration the situation that we are in amid this crisis, and one should remember that we are still fighting against COVID-19,” said Tynsong.

CEM of KHADC Titosstarwell Chyne said, “Modalities were submitted to the government by the DC, but I think the government was not satisfied with what was recommended. So they had decided to carry out a spot inspection to assess the situation. After this inspection, the government will convene a meeting and have proper modalities before taking a final decision.”

Acting Syiem of Hima Mylliem said that a suggestion was made to the government to allow reopening 30% of Iewduh market based on a rotational basis.

When asked if social distancing can be maintained once if the market is opened, Syiem said that one would have to also look at how the livelihood of the people who make a living from Iewduh market has been affected.

“So if the government allows the reopening of the market we will ensure that protocols are strictly maintained,” added Syiem.

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