Mumbai: The heavy monsoon rain in Maharashtra led to the flooding of the ground floor of COVID-19 hospital in Jalgaon forcing all the hospital staff to rush and evacuate patients to upper floors in the middle of the night, as per reports.

Jalgaon received heavy rainfall on Saturday night and continued for two hours, said local officials of the hospital.

The 12-odd patients on the ground floor of the hospital woke up to knee deep water as rainwater started gushing inside the hospital building. The ground floor also has an accident wards for emergency patients.

“The same floor also has an emergency ward for accident patients. The late night showers caused flooding in the ground floor and within few hours, we were standing in knee deep water,” said the official.

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The patients were immediately evacuated to the second floor of the hospital while the machinery and medical equipment were left behind on the ground floor.

Former Jalgaon district BJP minister Girish Mahajan while speaking to the media said, “Bureaucracy is clueless. There is no planning, no proper person to lead from the front, and above all the state government has a little concern towards such issues.”

The construction of a nearby highway is being termed as the main culprit of flooding as the ground level of the road is higher than the hospital premises which led to all the rainwater from the highway to gush inside the hospital.

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