The three new experts from Canada and US reached Duliajan on Friday night

Tinsukia: A three-member additional team of global experts from Canadian company, Alert Damage Control, has reached Baghjan in Assam’s Tinsukia district and they are likely to join operation by Saturday noon.

The experts include Matthew Connors from Vancouver in Canada, Anthony Steven Reynolds and Doug Dallas, duo from Houston in USA.

The decision to fly in a set of three more global experts were taken after the team of global experts, who arrived from Singapore, visited the blowout well at Baghjan oil field in Assam’s Tinsukia district and carried out their assessment.

Sources said that a detailed roadmap for the well control operation drawn up by global experts’ team along with the crisis management team of ONGC and VP Mahawar, former director (Onshore), ONGC and OIL has been submitted to the Centre.

“A meeting took place at OIL headquarters in Duliajan on Thursday evening where foreign experts laid down the draft plan before OIL management and Assam cabinet minister Chandra Mohan Patowary,” sources added.

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One of the experts elaborating the detailed scenario of the oil well fire with Assam government representatives, including Assam minister Chandra Mohan Patowary and Dibrugarh MP Rameswar Teli, among others.

Meanwhile, the mobilization of heavy equipment has already started to arrive at Duliajan.

Speaking with this correspondent, OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika said, “The first load of equipment mobilized from ONGC’s Sivaagar station has reached Duliajan and will be sent to the site after inspection by the experts, other vehicles are expected to reach shortly.”

“Vehicle carrying equipment from ONGC’s Rajamundry station has crossed Palasa and was approaching Odisha border as Friday morning report at 07:30 hours,” added Hazarika.

Official sources further said that a radius of around 100-feet of the blowout well under fire needs to be cleared. “The rig, which has partially collapsed, along with all the debris in the radius, will be pulled out to clear the way to the well head.”

“At the final stage of operations, the Blow Out Preventor (BOP) will be put on the well head and the well will be killed to control it,” the sources said, adding, there are many techniques and exercises that may be deployed by global experts and cannot be shared at this point of time.

Hazarika said, “We need lot of water for the operations. Hence, a water reservoir is being prepared.”

“The land required for debris laydown area, site refuge, control area and additional water reservoir is being finalized by the deputy commissioner of Tinsukia,” Hazarika said, addInt: “OIL’s CMT pump of 2,500 gpm capacity has been loaded in the OIL field truck at Duliajan.”

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The experts include Matthew Connors from Vancouver in Canada; Anthony Steven Reynolds and Doug Dallas from Houston in USA

“Testing of pumps, engines, auxiliary equipment and laying of delivery lines required for sourcing of water from Dangori River are in progress,” he added.

Hazarika said that as a result of protest by local organisations, lossled of 638 MT of crude oil production from 66 oil wells and 0.46 MMSCMD of natural Glgas from three gas wells were reported on Thursday.

“The OIL operations were badly affected at Makum, Barekuri, Hapjan, Lankashi, Nagajan, Hebeda and Dhakul area,” he added.

The fire, meanwhile, continues to rage.

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