The guitarist has named the pair Jim and Kairi Credit: Instagram image

Guwahati: Music is a language that transcends all barriers. Its rejuvenating sound is not only felt and experienced by humans alone, but a pair of parrots as well, as a recent viral video proves.

Social media went on a viral roll when a video of a man seemingly serenading a pair of parrots surfaced on the Internet. In the video, Jatin Talukdar, a singer and guitarist based in Mumbai, is seen giving two parrots a private unplugged acoustic session from his window. The parrots seem to be enjoying the musical display by Talukdar, as one of them even comes near him and chimes in with its cries with the musician. The parrot, too ,wants its notes to be a part of the music.

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The video, which he shared on Facebook, has now over 3k likes and over 2k shares. Even on Instagram, the video raked in a total of 22k views so far.

According to the artiste, the parrots have been visiting his house for over a week now. “It’s been a week, since these guys have been visiting me regularly, but somehow, i was a bit skeptical about their visit, as i ran out of their seeds,” [sic] said Talukdar in the accompanying caption.

“Today morning, i was randomly strumming few chords, and these guys surprised me with their visit! I continued playing, as it really caught their attention! I added few whistles, and it started to sound like a song! This felt like a real gig experience with a different audience altogether, where some people really get into the music, jam along, while others chill around, and enjoy the gig! [sic],” he added

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Talukdar aptly named the pair of parrots Jim and Kairi and they have been his new lockdown friends. He also added that they are not wild anymore as they have now become a part of his family as well.

Nature indeed is wonderful and this video is bound to leave a fuzzy and warm feeling in the heart of the viewers.

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