West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar was one of the first government officials to react Credit: Twitter image

Guwahati: In a disturbing video that went viral on Thursday showed decomposed bodies of 14 persons being loaded into a van at a crematorium in broad daylight in southern Kolkata.

The bodies were being dragged into a Kolkata Municipal Corporation van in the Basdroni Police Station area.

Disturbed by the incident, West Bengal governor Jagdeep Dhankhar took to Twitter express his pain at the “heartless disposal” of bodies. The incident sparked more fire as it was alleged that the bodies were of COVID-19 patients.

The governor, who was one of the first government officials to react to the video, tweeted, “Anguished ! Share public outrage and deep concern at most unconscionable heart rendering callous dragging of dead bodies reflected in videos. Shocked at state of affairs @MamataOfficial Have sought urgent briefing today from KMC Chairperson and Municipal Commissioner. (1/2)”

The governor added that transparent disclosure with regards to the dead bodies needs to be given. “Make transparent disclosure @MamataOfficial as regards dead bodies- when admitted; what treatment given, which hospital, cause of death and importantly Bed Head Ticket. How can human dead bodies be so uncouthly dragged ! It shames humanity. Follow law and protocol for disposal,” he tweeted.

Kolkata police, based on a letter by the principal of NRS Medical College, denied any claims of the bodies being that of COVID-19 patients. They tweeted, “West Bengal Health Department has informed that dead bodies were not of COVID patients, but were unclaimed/ unidentified bodies from Hospital Morgue. Legal action is being taken against persons spreading #FakeNews.”

Letter by the principal of NRS Medical College

Allegedly, the video was shot outside the Garia crematorium where dis-satisfied locals objected to the cremation of the 14 dead bodies. The entire area was reportedly hit by a stench while the bodies were being moved to the crematorium. When the video was being shot, a man on the background was seen dragging bodies with a pair of tongs back to the van after the local protests had reached the officials concerned.

Dhankhar again took to Twitter to raise his opinion about the incident and the thread can be accessed here.

Calling on the humanitarian sentiments, Dhankhar also tweeted that the issue is not about the bodies being COVID-19 infected but the fact that even after death they were “being treated worse than animals.”

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