Students are made to look around and collect materials from their surroundings and create models which replicate diagrams from their books

Guwahati: The COVID-19 lockdown has majorly impacted the lives of students. While schools and institutions are dedicated to conducting online lessons so that they don’t miss out on academics, Guwahati’s Royal Global School (RGS) is leaving no stone unturned in giving students a wholesome experience of classes along with co-curricular activities.

Ever since the lockdown started, RGS has conducted an array of online sessions and activities to strike a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. These range from conducting experiential learning to co-curricular activities like debate, quiz, dance, singing and even conducting elections. Activities have been conducted in accordance for students across the vertical, from the young ones to the seniors.

Teachers moved out from the comfort of their books and made the children experience any concept of learning. Students are made to look around and collect materials from their surrounding and create models which replicate diagrams from their books, such that, it looks like a real life structure.

Activities like ‘Cooking without fire’ were conducted

The children eagerly look forward to their academics, as nothing can be more interesting than learning by doing. The teachers of RGS have crossed the hurdle of online teaching by resorting to a totally new way of teaching-learning process.

For the students of classes 7 and 8, a dentistry session was organised. It was conducted by Dr Rohit Jain, MDS (Orthodontics), who focused on all aspects of oral hygiene and stressed on the importance of well aligned teeth. Likewise, students of class UKG and 1 had a session with Dr Yasha Agarwal who guided them about how to take care of their teeth.

Activities like ‘cooking without fire’, making cards on Mother’s Day, best out of waste, etc, were done, where a teacher guided the children step by step.

World Environment Day was celebrated with great zeal and fervour

Fun projects on ‘How our lungs work’ was carried out with the help of polythene bags, straw and other household materials to help the children understand the functioning of human body.

In line with festivals such as Bihu, students made paper japi. Occasions like Good Friday, Easter, Buddha Purnima, Eid, Rabindra Jayanti were observed by telling children the importance of these days, which was done by power point presentations made by the teachers.

World Environment Day was celebrated with great zeal and fervor. Most of the children along with the principal, Anubha Goyal, were seen planting saplings wherever they were.

Democracy at its best could be seen when elections were conducted for the RGS prefect council for the session 2020-21. Candidates for all the post campaigned, presented their manifestos, voted and were elected—all on the digital platform.

Clubs have been formed and students have joined as per their interest. Debating club, Eco club, Interact club, Heritage club have become active online and are conducting various activities and training sessions.

RGS has done an assortment of activities virtually and received phenomenal response from the students and the parents.

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