The OIL gas well fire at Baghjan | File photo

Tinsukia: Public sector giant Oil India Limited (OIL) has sought the help of Geological Survey of India (GSI) to inquire into the tremors reported from a village close to the blowout well which is under fire in Assam.

Natun Rangagora village, a small hamlet in Tinsukia district, is under the grip of tremors at regular intervals, giving villagers sleepless nights, and with floors and walls of houses developing cracks.

OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika said, “We have contacted the Geological Survey of India to send a team to find out the cause behind the tremors. The global experts’ team are of the opinion that the tremors have no connection with the blowout fire.”

“They have never seen or heard about tremors due to blowout fire in their entire career of 40 years, is what the global experts told us,” added Hazarika.

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Fire at Baghjan

He further said, “We have released a total amount of Rs 4.83 crore to the account of deputy commissioner to pay one-time compensation to the affected villagers.”

“This amount will benefit 1,610 families with Rs 30,000 going into the account of each family,” Hazarika said, adding: “Arrangement for food, lodging, light, hygiene, toilet, drinking water and medical requirements are made with the help of district administration and local students’ organizations.”

“We have distributed around 650 mattress, 500 mosquito nets, 1,500 face masks and six water tanks of 500 litres so far. A total of 12 camps housing 7,000 inmates have been opened until Thursday. The extent of the fire has been contained to the well. No flash fire is reported from the nearby areas. In order to arrest any untoward incidents of flash fire, fire tenders are kept ready at site,” he added.

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Foreign experts at Baghjan oil field

On Friday, the tremors continued with numbers decreasing.

Hiren Senapati, a local resident of the village said, “We felt tremors last night and even this morning as well. However, the frequency has been decreased.”

The fire, meanwhile, continues to rage at Baghjan oil well.

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