The short film was also lauded by national award-winning filmmaker, Bhaskar Hazarika Credit: EastMojo image

Guwahati: Assamese short film Morome Ringiaai by Chinmoy Barma, created quite an uproar in the indie-film market. National award-winning filmmaker, Bhaskar Hazarika also lauded the film.

Morome Ringiaai has now got official international selections to festivals like The Lift-Off Sessions, UK, First-Time Filmmaker Sessions by Pinewood studios, Guwahati International Film Festival, etc.

Love and Beyond is the English title for the Assamese short film Morome Ringiaai. The film shot in 2019 showcases the daily life of an underprivileged, aged widower whose only company is a cow that his wife used to adore like their own child. A short-movie which intertwines the concepts of love, pangs of old age, poverty, and loneliness all in the backdrop of a man’s love for his cow that his now-dead wife dearly loved, is something which is rarely seen these days.

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The director cum script writer Chinmoy Barma with the actor Biren Das

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One of the momentous boost came in the form of Bhaskar Hazarika for this novice filmmaker. “He was present in one of the festivals where this movie was screened and wanted to come in touch with me; however, I was unavailable on social media then,” the 26-year-old filmmaker says.

After Barma joined social media, he was approached by Hazarika’s team, and Hazarika even helped them with the subtitles for the film.

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The movie poster

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“I was an engineer by profession, but creative work like movie making has always been my passion,” said Barma. He added that the inception of this movie came up while he was going through some dark phases in his life. “However, I did not want these energies to be wasted in some destructive work, so I zoned myself into some creative work,” he added.

The engineer-turned-scriptwriter-turned director wanted to showcase a dark and grim tale of the Assamese lifestyle focusing on a lone, helpless, and poor old man. This was synonymous with the emotions Barma was going through then, loneliness and helplessness. However, with the elements of a loving wife who passed away and the cow that she dearly loved, Barma gave the simple story of his short film a much-needed character.

Behind the scene moments while filming

The 9.33-minute film set in Nalbari chronicles the struggles of a 75-year-old widower played by actor Biren Das. His lonesome, bleak world shared only with his cow, which his late wife loved dearly.

The movie was shot and edited in just a week, said Barma. “The 75-year-old man might seem like a natural actor, but this is his first film,” he said. Additionally, Biren Das is quite a known name in Nalbari for planting more than 50,000 trees in an area which he named “Mandela chowk.” As for the movie, it will be available on MovieSaints for free within this week. “Usually one must pay to view any movie on MovieSaints; however, Love and beyond will be available for anyone who wants to stream it,” Barma added.

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There is also a donation option available at the end of the movie and the proceeds of which, according to Barma, will go to fund a child whose parents were unable to work during the lockdown. “I will fund their academic books for a year with the proceeds I gather,” he added.

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