The devotees are now allowed to enter inside the Temple premises and offer prayers from 9 AM till 5 PM Credit: File image

Agartala: Religious places including the temples and mosques across Tripura re-opened on Monday with some restrictions following unlock 1.0 guidelines of the government.

Speaking with reporters, head priest of Tripurasundari Temple, Chandan Chakraborty said that the door of the temples for the devotees was opened by the local administration on Monday.

“The devotees are now allowed to enter inside the Temple premises and offer prayers from 9 AM till 5 PM with certain restriction to contain the spread of coronavirus”, Chakraborty said.

However, the churches remained closed on Monday as they wait for a proper standard operating procedure (SOP) from the state government.

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He also said that the devotees visiting temples would require to maintain social distancing by standing in circles marked leading towards temple and wear face masks.

“Hand sanitizers and spots for washing hands have been provided. Mass gatherings like Arti and Anna Bhog shall remain cancelled for now”, Chakraborty added.

The local administration has also arranged for health workers for thermal screening of people visiting the temple premises.

The Mosques across the state also re-opened on Monday. A number of people were seen offering prayers.

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Speaking with reporters, Tripura Jamiat-e Ulama Hind president Mufti Taibur Rahman said, mosques have been reopened today and with some restrictions.

“According to our customs one requires to wash his hands, face and feet before entering in the mosque. Thus, hand washing is a part of our religious practice”, Rahman said.

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The Catholic churches remained closed as the Bishop said he would wait for a proper guidelines and SOP from the state government.

“Churches of the Roman Catholic community remain closed until proper guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOP) from the state government are received”, Bishop Lumen Monterio of the Catholic Diocese in Tripura said.

He also said that anyone not having sanitizers and face masks while they visit the church would be provided by the church to attend the prayers once the churches reopen.

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