Himalayan lily fully blooming at Trahchi range in Liyai Khullen village in Manipur

Senapati: Giant Himalayan lillies in full bloom have brightened up Liyai Khullen village in Senapati district in Manipur. They began blooming in the woods amid COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Also known as Zhaimai village meaning ‘people of the sea’, this village is situated in the Paomata sub-division and is predominately inhabited by Poumai community. It is located at a distance of over 90 km from the state capital Imphal city.

The hills around this village are home to Cardiocrinum giganteum – the giant Himalayan lily, which is the largest species of lily. This plants can grow as tall as 12 feet.

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Locals visiting the area
A Himalayan lily blooms with whitish-purple shades

This giant Himalayan lily is grows wild in this region is abundantly found in the woods at Trahchi range between the end of May and June.

The trumpet-like flower with a strong fragrance is considered to be the king of the lily family. Although the flowers grow in the wild the locals take care of them as they are a tourist attraction. The flowering areas are now managed by the Baptist Youth Liyai Khullen, it said.

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Himalayan lilies are widely found in the woods in Liyai Khullen village
Himalayan lily after blooms
A local collecting organic cabbage from her farm
An overview of Liyai Khullen village

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