The cable was only found after X-ray was done Credit: EastMojo image

Guwahati: The operation of a 30-year-old man from Guwahati in Assam took a bizarre turn when the doctors found a mobile phone charger inside his urinary bladder.

The patient visited the hospital with serious pain in the abdomen. He claimed that he had accidentally ingested a headphone. Be that as it may, when the doctors analysed his stool and then directed an endoscopy to find the cable, they didn’t find any whatsoever.

The two-feet-long cable

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Befuddled, the doctors thought of conducting an X-ray. The patient was still in surgery for stomach pain. The X-ray gave the doctors the reality as they did find the cable, but just not where it was supposed to be. It was not in the gastrointestinal tract where things typically end up when we accidentally eat them. It was found inside the patient’s urinary bladder. Furthermore, the operation which took place earlier this week, disclosed the fact that the 2-ft-long cable was inserted through his penile urethra.

It was Dr Wallie Islam who conducted the surgery. He took to Facebook to share: “Surprises in Surgery! After 25 years of experience in Surgery, I continue to be surprised and shocked by instances like this where my intellectual and surgical skills are challenged….a 30-year-old man came to me with complaints of pain abdomen and history of accidental ingestion of headphones . I operated upon him to find nothing in his Gastrointestinal tract…but instead discovered a mobile phone charger cord in his Urinary Bladder ….all of you must have guessed the entry point and route ( it entered through his penile urethra to his urinary bladder)…his mental health remains a question….surgery was successful and the patient is recovering….everything is possible on this earth, indeed!,” he wrote.

Screengrab of the video of the operation shared by Dr. Wallie Islam

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According to the doctors, he repeatedly kept on saying that he ingested the cable, probably too shy to admit it. He came five days after committing the absurd act and is now already discharged. Had he told the truth beforehand, the operation could have been avoided as the doctors would have removed it the same way it was inserted.

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