The entire plane cost her Rs 9.06 lakh, with the price of each seat being Rs 1.6 lakh.

New Delhi: A chartered jet is all geared up to carry six pets from Delhi to Mumbai at a whopping cost of Rs 9.06 lakh. The nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus left numerous people and pets stranded throughout the country.

Deepika Singh, an entrepreneur and cyber security researcher, booked the flight to fly the pets from Delhi to Mumbai in an effort to reunite them with their owners.

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The 25-year-old Mumbai resident said that this idea of flying all the pets in a single private jet came to her mind when she had earlier arranged a jet to fly some of her relatives to Delhi and they refused to travel with pets.

“Some people wanted to travel with their pets but when the others refused, I decided to arrange for another jet,” Singh told the media. This incident led to her idea of hiring a private jet to provide a safer ride to pets who would otherwise have been transported in cargo shipments.

Deepika then contacted a private jet aggregator Accretion Aviation for a six-seater aircraft exclusively for pets. The entire plane cost her Rs 9.06 lakh, with the price of each seat being Rs 1.6 lakh.

“I contacted a private company and they agreed to send the pets on a plane,” said Singh, according to media reports. As of now, four people have signed up to send their pets from Delhi to Mumbai in the chartered plane. The four pets include two Shih Tzus, one Lady Pheasnt bird and a Golden Retriever.

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“The cost per seat stands at Rs. 1.6 lakh which is already a little steep and if we do not find six passengers it will be even costlier,” said Deepika while speaking to the media.

Accretion Aviation while speaking to the media said that all precautions related to COVID-19 would be taken for the animals and their handlers. The pets will also be screened for high temperature before boarding.

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