Three of the 39 sustained serious injuries
Three of the 39 sustained serious injuries|Representational image

39 hurt in kindergarten stabbing spree by security guard in China

At least 37 children and 2 adults sustained various degrees of injury in a stabbing incident by the security guard of a nursery school in southern China

Amlan Jyoti Das

Amlan Jyoti Das

New Delhi: A school security guard of a nursery school in southern China injured at least 39 children and teachers ina knife attack on Thursday.

Out of the 39, the local government stated that at least 37 of them were students, the other two being adults. They suffered varying degrees of injuries in the stabbing which took place at about 8:30 am on Thursday. Three out of the 39 were seriously injured in the attack. This includes the head of the school as well. As of now, no one has been fatally injured.

According to the Chinese media, the 50-year-old security guard whose surname is Li has been detained and an investigation is underway. Although the motive of the security guard remains unknown.

School stabbings in China are usually associated with or blamed on mentally ill individuals. Additionally, the strict gun control laws in China result in many of the attacks being carried out with home-made explosives or with knives.

This attack bores similarity with an attack by a woman wielding a knife in October 2018 which resulted in the grievous injury of 14 kindergarteners. Moreover, 20 children were killed in 2010 school attacks which prompted a response from top government officials leading many schools to ramp up their security measures.

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