Twitter Credit: Shane McNair is a resident of Naliapool in Dibrugarh

Guwahati: If you’re a resident of Dibrugarh in upper Assam, chances are that you have come across a man in khaki going about his duty at a traffic signal with utmost dedication, be it rain or heat or even traffic signal malfunctions.

But not too many people would notice or not even know that the traffic cop is speech-impaired.

Shane Mcnair, a home guard posted with Dibrugarh police, lets his whistle and hands do the talking, as his hawk-eyed approach has never let a defaulter, as his seniors in the department would like to say.

“Though speech-impaired he lets his hands and whistle do the talking…,” Dibrugarh Police took to Twitter on Wednesday salute this frontline worker amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If anyone has complaints in life, man you must meet is Shane McNair in Thana Chariali, Dibrugarh. Beware not to jump signals lest he stops you. He is not just part of Dibrugarh Police, he is the face of us,” the district police tweeted.

Team EastMojo reached out to traffic inspector Dipjyoti Dadhara to know a bit more about McNair.

“He is a dedicated cop. He is a force to be reckoned with if he sees any traffic violations,” said Dadhara, adding: “He immediately WhatsApps me the picture of any vehicle that does so.”

The police official’s comments seemed to have been supported by a Twitter user Sourav as well. “I wont , I would never infact. I remember, it was Dashami (DurgaPuja) n I was going to park my bike near Ryan Hotel near Chariali. The moment I parked my bike, Shane came running towards me with his usual style ,blowing d whistle with his one hand , n poiting towards me with d other..As soon as I saw him I knew wat was coming. Dedication Devotion n Discipline is wat this man is comprised of. I hv met him many a times. He is one hell of a man for rule breakers. We take inspiration from him as to how we need to stay focused despite many challenges,” the user tweeted.

McNair has been in the station since the time Dadhara joined in 2005. After seeing his dedication and hard work, he was enrolled as a home guard. He was later transferred to Little Flower School as a bus conductor. “Two months ago ,he was again enrolled in the Thana Chariali, Dibrugarh station as a home guard,” said Dadhara.

McNair is the sole provider of a family of three daughters and a wife who is speech impaired as well. The eldest one is 17 years and all three of them are pursuing their education at Little Flower School, Dibrugarh.

“No matter what curveball the world throws at him he never lets his circumstances be the best of him,” said Dadhara. “He even trains the new constables,” he added. The newbie constables always train under McNair for his impeccable work ethics and hard work.

Team EastMojo salutes Shane McNair and the police force.

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