The child kept on playing with the shroud that covered his dead mother Credit: Social media

New Delhi: The disturbing reality of COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has shown us yet another tragic visual of the plight of stranded migrants. A viral video of a toddler playing with the shroud covering its dead mother at a station in Bihar with regular train announcements in the background has shaken many to the core.

The clip, according to a leading news website, is from Muzaffarpur railway station in Bihar.

The woman arrived at Muzaffarpur station from Gujarat in a Shramik special train for migrants along with her sister and brother-in-law and two children. According to reports, the woman had been unwell in the train because of the alleged lack of food and water and that she had taken a train from Ahmedabad, Gujarat on Saturday. On Monday, shortly before reaching Muzaffarpur, she collapsed.

Her body was then laid out on the platform where the little infant tried to wake her up by playing with the shroud little knowing that she would never wake up.

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Scores of migrant workers from all over the country were stranded with no means of income during the lockdown. Reports of many taking drastic steps like walking and cycling thousands of kilometres have been seen in various news outlets. However, even if some were able to reach home, many died due to exhaustion and soaring temperatures.

In the beginning of this month, the government had started special trains to take migrants back to their home states which were met with great enthusiasm as many were able to go back. However, many more are still unable to do so due to paperwork and internal glitches in the system.

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