New Delhi: Planet Earth has cut down its daily carbon dioxide emissions by 17% since the pandemic lockdown began in countries around the world, revealed a new study.

Independent scientists calculated the pollution levels during coronavirus pandemic and found that pollution will be around 4 to 7% lower than 2019 levels for this year. This decrease in carbon dioxide emission level is being termed as the biggest annual drop since World War II.

The pollution levels will be 7 per cent lower if strict lockdown continues for the entire year and 4% is lockdown is lifted soon.

In April, United States cut its carbon dioxide levels by one-third for a week. China on the other hand cut down on carbon dioxide emission levels by almost a quarter in February, according to reports published by Nature Climate Change. India and Europe too cut down on their emission levels by 26 and 27 per cent respectively.

Such low levels of emissions were not recorded since 2006 and can directly contribute to a lower global temperature this year.

If the world could keep up annual emission cuts like this without a pandemic for a couple of decades, there’s a very good chance that Earth can avoid getting hotter y 1 degree Celsius from now, revealed the researchers.

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