Members of Faith Harvest Church (FHC) packing food for the people in quarantine facility in Kohima Credit: EastMojo image

Kohima: Joining the fight against COVID-19, the Faith Harvest Church (FHC) in Kohima reached out to the medical workers, security personnel and stranded persons who are under facility quarantine and distributed free meals to them. Starting the initiative to provide packed lunches to the quarantine centres on Tuesday, the church based in Kohima will continue to do so till Friday.

Speaking with EastMojo, Pastor Akumtila Kikon said that the love of Christ has motivated the members of the church to serve the needs of the community with selflessness and generosity. “These are times for Christians to arise in humble service and fill the gaps and niches that the government and other agencies cannot meet. We can’t do everything for everyone but we can surely do something for someone,” Kikon added.

The pastor recalled how a senior pastor from the church encouraged the members to support the government and shoulder responsibility in possible ways. “We wanted to give our services. Many churches are positively responding and contributing their services during these times. It is a time for us to reach out to those in need,” she added.

Members of Faith Harvest Church (FHC) in Kohima

While the number of persons at the quarantine centre keeps fluctuating, the church has decided to provide lunch for four days and if need arises, it will further extend its help. “It has been such a joy for the church members to come together at times like this also,” she exclaimed. Kikon said that while a good cook from among them is assigned for preparing the main dish, around 15 volunteers are engaged in food packaging, which had been a challenge for them.

Although the team dropped the packed food outside the quarantine centres, notes of gratitude have been pouring in for the team through the various social media platform. She optimistically added that now is not the time to criticise the government but a time to come together and be united.

With the battle against coronavirus, she said that it is time to face it and be willing to sacrifice. “It is time to be united. To face it, we have to be united and depend on the grace of God,” she added.

As Christians, she said that the response should “be love and generosity” and further follow in the footsteps of Jesus by doing good works.

“Nagas are very generous people. We have all experienced the love of God in our life so it’s time to act. God has given us a chance to practise it. Many churches have been doing good works although not being triumph about it. It is just a small act kind of kindness,” she added.

Meanwhile, the church has also been live-streaming Sunday services on Facebook and YouTube giving a platform for people to experience the church services despite the lockdown. Services in Nagamese are streamed at 1 pm on Sundays and in English at 10.30 AM.

Meanwhile, a Good Samaritan has also volunteered to supply 7,000 litres of clean water daily to the quarantine facility. In addition to that, the women’s commission donated four cartons of sanitary napkins for the women inmates as well as packed dinner for the medical staff on Sunday.

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