The landlord, landlady, and their son took turns to keep reminding the girl to vacate the house Credit: Representational image

Guwahati: 28-year-old UPSC aspirant from, Assam Bhaswati Das (name changed) could soon be homeless. She has been served an ultimatum by her landlord to pay the 10 k rent or shift out amid lockdown.

She has been living in a rented house in Abul Fazal Enclave for two years now and paying Rs 8,400. “I have been paying my rent in time for all the years now and even the landlord understands that,” said Das. However, in the month of December, she was asked to vacate the premises. after she complained to the landlord about the unruly nature of his son.

“For months I have been noticing the leering gazes, side comments, slang, and very informal way of conversations by him (son) that’s why I went up to the landlord to complain about it,” she said. She even threatened to complain to the police after which her landlord asked her to leave. Das says that she asked for time and promised to vacate the house by April 2020. This was mutually agreed.

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Her nightmare began after the lockdown was announced. The landlord asked her to vacate the premises again or pay an increased rent of Rs 10k. This was in March when the Lockdown 1.0 was declared and Delhi was one of the hotspots for COVID-19 cases.

They persisted for the remaining months with the landlady, landlord, and even the son taking turns in constantly reminding Das to vacate the house. “I even said that I will vacate the premises after the lockdown is over to which the landlord said that this lockdown has no effect whatsoever in paying rent of 10k or vacating the house,” she added.

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Even after paying the rent (Rs 8400) for the month of May the owners still kept pushing Das to vacate. She finally called the police who promised to visit her but they never came claims Das.

Distraught she finally called up journalist Saahil Murli Menghani who then recorded her call and tagged Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter. Sometime later, members from Dilip K Pandey’s team (MLA Timarpur) reached out to Das and asked for the landlord’s number.

“They then said that they have spoken with the landlord and that the landlord assured them that she wouldn’t have to vacate the house,” added Das.

As of now Das still remains in the rented house but however is fearful, “I am scared to go out to the balcony for I have to face them again and this is not good for my mental health as well,” she added. She has not informed her parents about the incident because she does not want them to worry.

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