Amphan is the second super cyclonic storm over Bay of Bengal in past 20 years Credit: Twitter

New Delhi: West Bengal and Odisha have begun to prepare for the super cyclonic storm, Amphan, as it is moving closer to the coastline of the two states. The cyclone is soon to enter northeast India after making landfall in West Bengal and Bangladesh

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert for both states classifying the storm as category 4 cyclone.

National Disaster Response force (NDRF) teams have been put on standby for relief and rescue operations in the coastline areas of West Bengal and Odisha. NDRF has deployed 37 teams on ground to prepare for the cyclone.

Amphan, the extremely severe cyclonic storm, is now developing into a super cyclonic storm over the Bay of Bengal as it heads towards Bangladesh, Odisha and West Bengal. The state governments of Odisha and West Bengal have ordered mass evacuation of citizens from coastline areas. This is the second super cyclonic storm over Bay of Bengal in past 20 years.

According to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the super cyclone Amphan is expected to make landfall on May 20 and is expected to move across north-west Bay of Bengal crossing West Bengal and Bangladesh, entering as a heavy depression in Northeast India.

As per forecasts by IMD, Kolkata and nearby districts to suffer extensive damage due to the super cyclone.

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