This news created quite an uproar on Friday at the Secretariat all trying to find out whom the explicit content was actually meant for Credit: Representational image

New Delhi: As the nation battles the COVID-19 repercussions, government, and people trying to devise ways to avoid a full-scale crisis, a retired IAS officer in Gujarat created quite a controversy by posting his nude images in a WhatsApp group full of serving and retired (both men and women) IAS officers.

On Thursday night, the retired official, who as a matter of fact is serving on a very sensitive post of the government, posted his explicit images and some other objectionable content on a WhatsApp group. This led to a huge outcry by the members in the group. However, the situation became more awkward when the person in question was oblivious of his own post, as stated by a leading daily. It was when someone gave him a call later at night about the incident that he deleted the content but not before almost all the members saw the objectionable content.

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This news created quite an uproar in gossip on Friday at the Secretariat; all trying to decipher to whom the explicit pictures and the objectionable content was meant for but was accidentally shared in a group of IAS officers.

This debacle of sharing personal content in a group that is meant for sharing information only has found its way to the chief minister’s office as well. However, the CMO has still not decided on any action on this matter.

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