WATCH: Brazil woman’s  freestyle football juggling in high heels
Known for her freestyle juggling skills, Raquel Benetti also introduced a new challenge on Instagram where the player needs to remove their jersey while juggling the football on the headSocial media

WATCH: Brazil woman’s freestyle football juggling in high heels

Old video of Brazilian Instagram model, footballer, freestyle juggler and YouTuber Raquel Benetti juggling in high heels is taking Internet by storm. Watch it now

Guwahati: With the entire world being in complete COVID-19 lockdown for months at a stretch, social media sites have become the go-to destination, at least for a breather. This has also given rise to a number of viral memes and videos being recirculated, re-shared, tweeted and liked on all social media platforms.

One such video that is doing the rounds on social media is the video of a girl with exceptional football juggling skills. Now that might not sound quite out of the blue to see a girl with freestyle juggling skills but this girl in the video does it in high heels.

The girl in the video is none other than Raquel Benetti, an Instagram model, footballer, freestyle juggler, and a YouTuber -- all rolled into one. With an Instagram base of 1.2 million followers, she has been capturing everyone’s attention with her fancy footwork skills. Her incredible coordination with football juggling has even made it possible for her to do it in high heels. Twitter users exploded with their comments on the freestyle juggler some even commenting, “I don’t know about Ronaldo’s juggling skills but I am sure Messi can do this but NO MAN on earth can do it in heels.”

She even invented the ‘strip-shirt challenge,’ during quarantine where the players require to remove their jersey all while juggling a football on their head whilst other footballers were juggling toilet paper and tea bags during the quarantine.

The challenge is captioned “Challenge for you, tag someone that you are SURE can or cannot” with a cheeky “I doubt” in the end.

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