Kohima: Opposition party Naga People’s Front (NPF) has criticised the state government for not showing “concrete roadmap” in managing the COVID-19 global pandemic “even after elapse of more than 50 days of nationwide lockdown”. The party said that it regrets to see the way the ruling government is “handling the present situation”.

“In order to avoid politicking at the expense of the lives of the thousands of precious lives, the NPF chose to remain mute spectator on several occasions, despite the fact that the PDA [People’s Democratic Alliance] government has been indulging in various mischief in the guise of COVID-19,” a statement from the party said.

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It termed the COVID-19 cess levied on petroleum as “mischievousness ventured by the government” which is a “daylight robbery as major chunk of the burden would be borne by not the haves but by the have-nots”.

In reference to the recent emergency meeting called by the state government with the civil societies, it said that the chief minister “delved mainly on issues which has nothing to do with the COVID19”.

“Rio must have mistaken the said meeting for a budget session in the Assembly as he started with the state deficit figures which is absurd and holds no relevance,” the statement said. It added: “Further, if he really wanted the people to know the budget figure and make comparisons, why not make a factual statement based on the finance department records and recommendations.”

The party said that the CM, “if he so desires and deems fit for the public to know” must address the issues on COVID-19. “Why did he not state the 2019-2020 closing deficit figure of Rs 2234.85 crore,” the party questioned.

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It also said that the CM made “attempts to tinker with the delimitation process which the Delimitation Commission has ordered is evident from his address to the gathering. Again, what has delimitation got to do with this pandemic?” it further questioned.

According to the party, the “third unrelated issue” raised in the meeting was the Naga Political Issue. “If we are to look at the past two years of PDA government, there hasn’t been any significant breakthrough or headway to the Naga solution,” the party said.

The party accused the government of failing terribly in handling issues “from bringing back the stranded Nagas to setting up proper quarantine centres”. Furthermore, it added that the party is baffled by the “irresponsible statement of the CM of late, at various public platform that the state of Nagaland would very soon be brought under President’s rule”.

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