New Delhi: Residents of a village in Kerala have confined themselves to their home since the past week, not because of the ongoing nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, but because of a man-eater tiger that is on the loose. Up to 13,000 residents of Thannithode village in Pathanamthitta district of the state have been living in fear since the time one person was killed by the tiger last week.

Up to 50 forest and district officials along with three sharp-shooters are on the hunt to track down the big cat that strayed into the village and killed a rubber plantation worker. The officials and villagers put up a cage with a goat to trap the man-eater but it attacked a cow instead.

Though the officials and the villagers put up a cage with a goat in it to catch the big cat, but it attacked a cow instead of falling for the trap.

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It all happened when the big cat strayed into human population and attacked a 38-year-old rubber plantation worker Bineesh Mathew on May 6. When other people working in the plantation heard his cries of help, they rushed to him only to find his body being dragged into the nearby bushes by the tiger. The workers pelted stones at the tiger to distract its attention and the animal left behind the lifeless body of Mathew before running back into the forest.

After this killing, the tiger was spotted in many other places of the village where it attacked several cows, dogs and goats in the area. The officials have even spotted the man-eater through night vision trap cameras but are yet to catch the big cat.

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