A 15-year-old boy returned home after 3 years in Madhya Pradesh Credit: Facebook 

New Delhi: Amid the coronavirus lockdown, not all stories coming in from across sectors are heart-wrenching and gloomy. Some really rekindle our hopes and rejuvenate our energy.

In what can be termed more of a miracle, a 15-year-old boy belonging to Madhya Pradesh’s Dilwari village in Chhatarpur and assumed to be dead, finally returned home from Delhi after three long years amid COVID-19 lockdown, as per reports.

In 2017, an FIR of a missing person, named Uday, was registered by the boy’s family. After a thorough search, the police personnel found a skeleton.

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Later, Uday was assumed dead after his father identified the recovered skeleton as his son from a piece of cloth, the report said.

Now, with his miraculous return in the middle of the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, the family and locals are thrilled to see him back alive, it said. “I fled to Delhi as some people were trying to falsely accuse me in a case of theft,” Uday was quoted as saying by media houses.

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“I am happy to be back,” he added.

As per reports, police will now reinvestigate the case to identify whose skeleton it was as the boy to whom they thought it belonged has returned alive.

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