The show will feature Umang Bedi and editor-in-chief of EastMojo Karma Paljor engaging in an inspiring session on “Impact of COVID-19 on mass media” Credit: Facebook image

Guwahati: With a goal to create India’s largest digital media platform for content creators, consumers and advertisers, Umang Bedi, along with Virendra Gupta, co-founded Dailyhunt. Today, Dailyhunt is India’s first local language content application offering digital content every day in 14 languages.

Bedi is all set to be the next guest of our live show, ‘Inspires by EM’ — across all platforms of EastMojo — on Saturday at 5 pm. He will speak on the ‘impact of COVID-19 on mass media’.

Being one of the youngest managing directors for a global multinational brand Intuit India, Bedi started his leadership journey very early in his career. After that, he took the mantle of marketing director of Adobe for India and South Asian region and became responsible for the widespread growth of the company in India. This ultimately led Adobe to gain its foothold in India as one of the leading markets globally.

Bedi did not just stop there for he then went through an 18-month long journey as the managing director of Facebook India and South Asia. Bedi’s leadership skills did its magic even there. Under him, Facebook was able to grow its user base from 100 million to 262 million. This made India the largest country in terms of Facebook users.

‘Inspires by EM’ will air on all social media platforms of EastMojo on May 16 (Saturday) at 5 pm

India is a “cosmos of diverse cultures and different languages exist that expresses itself through a single unit, one at a time – the Individual – the fundamental denominator of this paramount”. So, how do we address the aspirations of this multifarious reality on a unitary level, beyond challenges of lingua franca, connectivity and hardware? Questions like these plagued Bedi’s mind and he co-founded Dailyhunt to address and find answers.

Team EastMojo is lucky to have this charismatic personality on its show, ‘Inspires by EM’’, to have an open discussion with editor-in-chief Karma Paljor about the ‘impact of COVID-19 on mass media’. Earlier, the show hosted India’s versatile and noted actor Adil Hussain last week to talk about how to nurture the artist in you.

Through these shows, EastMojo seeks to inspire its viewers as they get a chance to interact and be a part of the session with leading personalities. As these shows are hosted on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter & YouTube) viewers can put forth their queries during the live session to get them answered by the guests in real-time.

The show is going on air on May 16 (Saturday) at 5 pm across all social media platforms of EastMojo. Stay tuned.

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