Bangalore: A programmer claims to have successfully hacked the Aarogya Setu app, which is slowly becoming mandatory in the country. The programmer did not like the very idea of being forced to download the app and be under what he called ‘round-the-clock surveillance of the government’.

According to media reports, the programmer cracked the application and skipped all the process where he had to fill in the user data. He also managed to bypass the page that requested his personal details like name, age, gender and travel history. Moreover, requests to access Bluetooth and GPS of the phone were also bypassed by him.

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By doing all this, the programmer continues to mark himself as ‘safe’ in the app that uses the user’s vital information to know if you have contracted the Coronavirus or are more likely to be infected due to getting in touch with a COVID-19 patient.

As per the app, when an individual is safe a green badge will appear on the app – this is exactly what appears in this programmer’s Aarogya Setu application after he successfully hacked it.

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