Machine developed by the team can also be used to clean the infected clothes with detergent

Shillong: A collaborative team comprising of faculty, scientists, doctors and industrialists in Shillong and Assam, have now developed a COVID de-Incubator chamber to disinfect the clothes and commonly used daily wear items.

The team comprises of people from different professions — Hirak Ranjan Das from Royal Global University, Dr Dinesh Bhatia from North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Dr Kalyan Kumar Das, Assam Engineering College, Industrialist Dipak Kalita and Prof Animesh Mishra from NEIGHRIMS, Shillong.

After more than two 2 months of research, discussions, trials, and testing, the machine has been made compact and cost-effective.

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According to Dr Bhatia, the prototype-testing has been completed and field trials are under consideration. “The machine works under the concept of high-temperature heating and humidity. The temperature is maintained between75’C to 80’C with humidity levels maintained at 80% to 90% for the required time to decay the coronavirus and reduce its half-life substantially. The machine can be used to sanitize Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Wool, Polyester, Acrylic, Polypropylene, Cotton, Newspaper, steel, leather products, etc,” explained Dr Bhatia.

The machine is easy to deploy and can be installed at homes and public utilities such as banks, shops, hospitals, offices, bus stations, railway stations, airports, etc. The machine can be auto-sterilized and gets disinfected after usage. It also reduces the use of chemicals and reagents to do sanitization.

The machine can also be used to clean the infected clothes with detergent. They are working on improving the device further by adding Ultraviolet radiation which is considered to effectively eliminate the virus in less than 5 minutes with auto-off with temperature and humidity displayer.

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