Kohima: Nagaland’s principal director of school education Shanavas C on Monday said that the department has noticed some confusion among few school authorities in regard to the tele/radio tutoring programme, which is being conducted by the department, and clarified that no schools were directed to summon its students to schools “to assemble at a place or to conduct/resume classes”.

Through a clarification statement, Shanavas said that all DEOs, Sr SDEOs and SDEOs on April 29 were directed to coordinate with the district administration and make necessary arrangements for students who do not have facilities to access the DD satellite telecast at home to view/listen the broadcast at a common place like village hall, school auditorium and so on.

“It is a well-known fact that number of students in the above stated category will be comparatively less in any class and the department did not ask schools to summon all students to assemble at a place or to conduct/resume classes,” he said.

He recalled that the particular notification had mentioned that the broadcast schedule is made in a way in which only two classes will be having the lessons on a particular day. This was to ensure that the students do not group up in large numbers at schools, village council halls where the telecasting is viewed.

On May 6, school heads were again directed to devise mechanism for preparation and circulation of notes to their students for the lessons that are broadcasted through DD/AIR by observing all norms of social distancing as notified by the government. “In this case too, schools were not directed to summon students to schools,” he said.

Further, the department has been sharing the videos of the Doordarshan telecast through YouTube and Facebook so that parents/students could download the same and view as per their convenience, he informed.

He clarified: “It is expected that all concerned would understand the difference between ‘resuming of normal classes’ and ‘facilitating under-privileged students to view the online/tele education broadcast.”

Furthermore, he reiterated that severe disciplinary actions will be initiated against those violating the government order and for “exposing students to the danger of the pandemic”.

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