Gobinda Debnath lives with his wife and daughter at his in-laws’ small flat in Joynagar, Agartala

Agartala: After spending two nights travelling for more than 900 km from Silapathar in Assam, a 37-year-old daily wager from Tripura who finally reached his home in Joynagar in Agartala, was denied entry by his own family members even after testing negative for COVID-19.

Gobinda Debnath was stranded in Assam since the announcement of the lockdown but finally managed to hire a car spending Rs 30,000 and went through mandatory checkup and quarantine in Churaibari in North Tripura district before reaching his home on Sunday.

Speaking with reporters, Debnath said that he returned from Silapathar by hiring a car after waiting for the lockdown to be lifted for so many days but his family denied him entry.

“I have tested negative during the test in Assam-Tripura check-post and yet my wife and child have denied me entry to the house. I don’t know what can I say further,” he said.

Debnath lives with his wife and his daughter at his in-laws’ small flat which was allotted to his mother in-law under the housing scheme for urban poor by the government of Tripura.

Speaking further, he said that his wife must have been pressured by the neighbours to force him not enter their colony after returning from Assam.

“I think my wife had some pressure from the society. She would never want me to go away if she would not have been afraid for our child and family,” he added.

However, his wife Mampi Debnath said that she denied him entry as she did not want any of her family members to get infected from him since he had travelled all the way from Assam.

“I told my husband to not travel at this moment but he did not listen to me and returned home. We live in a small flat with my young daughter and my sick mother has recently undergone an operation. I cannot risk lives of both of them. Also it is not possible for us to get quarantined for the next 14 days,” Mampi said.

Gobinda’s wife Mampi said she denied him entry as she did not want any of her family members to get infected from him since he had travelled all the way from Assam

She also said that it would be better if the administration takes him with them and keep him somewhere in a quarantine centre for the next 14 days and do whatever treatment is required before sending him back home.

Meanwhile, some of the neighbours even misbehaved with the health and police officials who went there to solve the matter.

Reacting on the issue, West Tripura district health surveillance officer Dr Sangeeta Chakraborty said that the people who had gathered in front of the complex to prevent the entry of Debnath on Sunday night had themselves violated the social distancing protocols.

“The police tried to convince the people on the protocols of how one is tested positive. There was nothing to be worried over his return to home but the locals did not listen. We had no other option left but to put him in temporary quarantine,” Chakraborty said.

The health department finally returned with Debnath and shifted him to the quarantine centre set up at the state institute of public administration and rural development complex in Agartala.

Meanwhile, with the people started returning from different parts of the country, similar incidents are being reported from different parts of the state where people are denying entry to their own family members and near and dear ones.

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