Four direct trains will be arranged for over 5,200 people of Tripura stranded in Karnataka 

Agartala: The first train with 1,200 passengers among the 8,758 Tripura residents stranded in Karnataka will leave on Sunday, said law minister Ratan Lal Nath.

Speaking at a press conference, Nath said that the first direct train from Karnataka to Tripura will leave with 1,200 passengers on board incurring a cost of Rs 12.87 lakh to the state government.

“All 1,200 passengers will get e-passes and the time for reporting in the venue will be informed to them accordingly. Nobody except for the passengers will be informed the time and source of the station from where the train will move to avoid crowding,” Nath said.

He also said that in the last five days over 26,281 persons have registered their names in web portal to return to Tripura.

Over 26,000 persons stranded in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam, Maharashtra have registered themselves with the state government’s web portal.

He also said that of the total people registered, Karnataka has the highest at 8,758 persons stranded, 5,145 in West Bengal, 5,151 in Assam and 5,957 in Tamil Nadu.

“We have engaged nodal officers for six states having higher numbers of stranded residents, while another person to look after rest of the states,” Nath added.

Speaking further, he said that out of the total 5,957 persons stranded in Tamil Nadu who have registered with the state, only 2,100 have been listed, while the rest of them would be included in a week’s time.

He also said that so far, West Bengal government has not accepted the proposal for direct train and without mutual understanding trains cannot be arranged. However, the Tripura government has asked West Bengal to issue vehicle passes for 1,600 persons.

Meanwhile, from Maharashtra, a total of 1,070 persons have registered with the state government and among them, 83 persons have received their e-passes for inter-state movement with a hired vehicle at their own cost.

“Over 700 persons stranded in Assam will receive e-passes to travel on road. Our first priority would be students followed by tourists, pilgrims and patients stranded in other states. Direct trains will soon ply from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra,” Nath added.

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