The feature will work without a glitch provided the user’s handwriting is neat enough

New Delhi: With its newest update on Google Lens, Google has now made work even easier. With its new feature in the image recognition tool, users can now copy-paste handwritten notes to their personal computers.

The search giant added a ‘Copy to Computer’ feature which allows users to directly copy their handwritten notes in their computers provided the user’s handwriting is neat enough. While Google Lens already had the feature to allow users to copy-paste handwritten documents and notes and save them on their smartphones, this new feature goes a step ahead and allows users to directly save on their personal computers.

The new component incorporates the capacity to copy transcribed notes to our PC, and also two more new updates. One is learning about new ideas and the other, figuring out how to articulate new words. While the first two highlights will be accessible for both Android and iOS clients, the listen feature that permits us to learn pronunciations is as of now restricted to Android.

How the copy-paste feature works on Google Lens 

Moreover, to be able to use the new feature, one needs to have the latest version of Google Chrome as well as the standalone Google Lens application on Android and the Google app on iOS. One needs to be logged in to the same Google account on both the devices as well.

Once the installation and logging in are done the users just need to point their smartphone camera at their handwritten notes, then highlight the text on-screen that we want to copy. After that select the copy option, open a document on the PC where we want to paste the notes, and then directly hit paste. Yet again, this feature would only work if the handwriting is neat enough.

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