After intervention by TIPRA, about 33 Tripura residents were allowed to return to Tripura from Aizawl on Tuesday Credit: EastMojo image

Agartala: Amid the outbreak of COVID-19 and people struggling to sustain their livelihood, Tripura’s royal scion Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman, who is also the chairman of The Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA), a non-political organisation, has single-handedly helped hundreds of youths stranded across the country by sharing their details on Twitter.

Speaking with EastMojo, Deb Barman said, “At a time when people across the county are suffering badly and are jobless without proper ration and in some cases under pressure from the landlords in cities, we have decided to help them in every possible way.”

Soon after Deb Barman twitted informing about a group of 24 people from Tripura stranded in Bangalore, Congress leader Srinivas BV came into the rescue of the youths.

Meanwhile, 9,000 families in state and over 1,000 stranded persons in other parts of the country have received assistance from TIPRA so far.

“We have decided to set up a fund which will ensure that even if the state/Central government does not pay for the return of our workers who cannot afford to return, then as an organisation, TIPRA will pay the fare of those who want to return to our state,” Deb Barman said.

Deb Barman announced financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh to be used for those stranded outside the state. “I am starting with Rs 5 lakh and I hope others will also join in. It may be mentioned that in the last two months, TIPRA has helped over 9,000 families through ration and also in some cases direct cash transfers,” Deb Barman added.

He also said the organisation which does not take any donation in cash or from political and religious organisation has been in the forefront of fighting the problems which have arisen post the coronavirus lockdown.

“We are hoping that more people will also come in front and contribute to bringing our people back home,” Deb Barman said.

TIPRA is also facilitating the return of about 33 people from Aizawl to Tripura. All the persons stranded in the Mizoram capital following the lockdown and with the intervention of TIPRA were allowed to leave the state.

“Our organisation has arranged for the food for the journey while they have borne the expense of the bus. I would like to thank Surajit Marak from Ghorakappa Karbook for bringing this to my attention. There were Chakma Tripuri and Bengalis in the group all mixed,” Deb Barman added.

Earlier on April 13, following a tweet by Deb Barman, five youths from Tripura thrown out by their landlord in Bengaluru after they had asked for some time to pay rent were rescued by the police.

Meanwhile, the volunteers of the organisation have continued to the distribution during the 43 days of national lockdown. The families living in the remote hamlets are being provided with dry rations including rice, dal, oil and other essential commodities.

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