Single washroom that has not been cleaned for four days, broken and dilapidated condition of quarantine centre at Banderdewa raises safety issues Credit: EastMojo image

Itanagar: After the completion of the second phase of the lockdown to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arunachal government is all set to bring back stranded people from different parts of the country. Accordingly, a quarantine facility has been made functional at Police Training Centre (PTC) in Banderdewa under Papumpare district.

A few days ago, the health minister inspected the quarantine facility and was satisfied, as per news reports. The quarantine facility is now filled with many individuals, especially students from neighbouring states as interstate vehicle movement has started.

However, the reality is completely different when it comes to the actual usage of the quarantine facility. A student, who is in quarantine for four days, on condition of anonymity said: “We are more than 25 girls and we are using a single toilet which I haven’t seen cleaned even once in four days.”

Afraid after witnessing the harrowing condition of the quarantine facility she added: “I have heard that the virus spreads from human fluids and we all are using the same toilet which is not regularly cleaned.”

The quarantine facility at Police Training Centre (PTC) in Banderdewa under Papumpare district of Arunachal Pradesh

Moreover, she said that their samples are yet to be collected as the doctors present there informed the quarantined individuals that swab samples of only symptomatic individuals will be collected. “What if someone is already infected and not showing any symptoms?” she questioned.

As days pass by, more numbers of people are brought to the quarantined centre and no one has an inkling of who is infected or who is hiding their symptoms, said the worried girl. “The people responsible for the facility didn’t even provide us with hand sanitizers or hand wash. Our parents are worried that there are chances of even the healthy ones getting infected if we stay inside a room without proper care,” she added.

In another instance, a physician cum doctor, Vijay Maying from Arunachal, voiced his opinions regarding the state of the quarantine centres in a Facebook post. “Like our Assam counterpart who were monitoring and inspecting passengers quite well in the check gates, I was expecting a lot from my state. But to our utter surprise, we couldn’t find a single medical team when we arrived. Only a few policemen who themselves confused to proceed. No sanitization, no instructions, no nothing!!!” he said.

The post which states the first hand report of the condition of the quarantine centre 

To take comments on the poor condition of the quarantine facility, health minister Alo Libang couldn’t be contacted.

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