A photograph depends on the creativity of the one capturing it and with a touch of creativity and an eye for things that are not common, one can capture some real attention-grabbing snaps Credit: Representational image

Guwahati: Staying safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic is not without its own set of implications, especially for creative on-ground workers who rely specifically on the conditions which are out of their four walls to do any work. Imagine the plight of photographers who are adept in outdoor photography having to remain indoors for long hours for months.

However, staying at home does not mean that one does not have the subjects to play around with. A photograph depends on the creativity of the one capturing it. Hence, with a touch of creativity and an eye for things that are not common, one can capture some real attention-grabbing snaps.

Be it on your DSLR or your smartphone (it’s quite scary how updated the mobile camera is nowadays), here are few ideas you can experiment on during the lockdown.

Minimalist: Our visual senses are often bombarded with a plethora of visual stimuli every day. Hence, it is this specific reason why one double takes on seeing a picture with a single object with a wide space surrounding it. Minimalist photography is quite critical as it requires the photographer to isolate a strong subject from the chaos around. So, when you do take a minimalist photograph at home, try to pull that subject (object or human or animal) away from the hotchpotch around and place it in a place where there is no distraction. This can be done by creating a makeshift studio of a solid-one color bed sheet spread around or even a wall with a muted and single colour.

A strong subject with a single color backdrop and an obvious amount of creativity is all that is required for a minimalist picture

The moody monochrome: Our eyes become so used to seeing colours every day that we often marvel a photograph of any normal object in B&W. Monochrome photography can highlight small details however, as a photographer, one needs to find that texture. Elements such as lines, textures, light, shadows, and patterns get a breath-taking perspective in monochrome.

Food for shoot: Food photography has to find its mention here, for how many of us have at least tried to make that insta-worthy “dalgona coffee?” Most of us have followed the trend of dalgona coffee and obviously have uploaded in our social media profiles for sure. Lockdown provides a unique opportunity for everyone to experiment with food. So let someone else work on the food and you work on the presentation. Food photography is all about presentation, the way you plate it, the kind of plate you use, the kind of table you are placing the food on, and light, everything matters for that appealing and appetising food snap.

Create your own set: As much as a photograph is about the subject equal importance must be given to the background as well. Since one is at home it becomes often difficult to find that perfect backdrop but that surely does not mean that one cannot create it? Using newspapers one can create a unique and attention-grabbing backdrop for the subject to pose in. Newspapers are not the only option as patterned or plain bedsheets to aluminum foils can also act as a creative backdrop for the photograph.

Creating a set using newspapers is just one way to get creative shoots done all while being safe at home

Mundane is beautiful: For a photograph to stand out one does not need to look for brilliant inspirations every time. “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder,” the line used in may cheesy rom-coms over the years has equal importance here as well. One’s skills as a photographer are challenged when he or she tries to find something unique and never seen in the mundane.

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