Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan

New Delhi: Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, during a video conference with health ministers of various states, said that India has escaped from going into Stage 3 or community transmission stage and is also doing much better than many countries in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The positive cases are not rising more than 4%. We were all worried if we are in Stage 3, but we have been able to save the country largely from going into Stage 3,” Harsh Vardhan said during the meeting.

The health minister further stated that the number of COVID-19 tests have increased significantly in the country, following which positive cases are not rising. He added that the government has already completed 5.5 lakh tests around the country.

Looking into the country’s progress in the past 3.5 months in tackling COVID-19, Harsh Vardhan said, “On January 8, we held our first meeting, and today, in comparison with many other countries, fighting against COVID-19, India has done very well. We have fewer cases per million percentage. We have a mortality of 3%, which is less. Recovery rate of patients, who contracted viral infection, is better than the world. In March, the doubling rate of coronavirus cases was three days; today, it is close to nine days.”

“All over the country wherever the virus is active, we have the full information. And, we also know, what we have to do to tackle this virus in these areas,” he added.

He also mentioned that the country has a very well-defined strategy to deal with hotspots and also those districts which so far remain free from coronavirus infections. “We are in a better position to control the disease. Containment and surveillance strategies have been designed meticulously,” the health minister said. He added that lockdown has proved helpful in tackling the outbreak of the viral infection.

The government also stated that the recovery rates in the country have risen to 19.89%, with 4,257 people being discharged so far after receiving proper treatment.

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