Various helpline numbers have been set up by state governments in Northeast for people stranded outside the region

Guwahati: With the COVID-19 chaos still reigning in the nation, lockdown seems to be the only available option by the government to lower and monitor the damages to one’s health caused by the virus. But due to the lockdown, many people have been stranded in different places outside their home states. These include students who are out for educational purposes or employees with their workplaces in a different state.

Various helpline numbers have been set up for such people. Here are the ones from the Northeastern states:

Arunachal Pradesh

Helpline number: 91 6033856466

Anyone from the state of Arunachal Pradesh who is stranded outside their home state can call in the above number for any grievances. This includes problems of food supply, rent, shelter, and finance (Rs 3,500 by the state government).

All one needs to do is to give a call in the number and state one’s problem and the location (state) one is in. Your grievance would then be transferred to the respective nodal officer of the state who will then connect with the local authority to give the required help.

Arunachal Pradesh DIG Madhur Verma, who is the nodal officer for Delhi and Chandigarh, said, “We have also been able to help out in sorting out issues related to rent of some people from the monetary aid given by the state government of Arunachal.”

As of now, at least 5,480 people are stranded out of their home state and the figure can reach 8,000.

Following officers are designated as Nodal officers of their respective states to coordinate with stranded people from Arunachal


Helpline numbers: 9856024237/ 9436112993/ 9485098768/ 9856451339

All the grievances are recorded in the state-run COVID-19 helpline centre. Callers are then asked to fill a form at after which the grievances are taken forward to the nodal officers in different states.

Registrations in this portal are however closed as of now (last date was April 19); hence direct call is preferred. Along with food, shelter, the helpline also instructs the nodal officers to provide medical help, if necessary.

A sum of Rs 3,000 is allotted by the government in case the need for a money issue arises, however proper scrutiny is done before handing out the money using various parameters. As of now, a minimum of 5,000 residents of Meghalaya are stranded all across the different states of India.


Helpline Number: 18003453818

Through this helpline number, the people from Manipur who are stranded in various states across India are asked to log in to a state government-supervised website via which the help is initiated.

A call beforehand would allow the helpline workers to send in your grievances to the IAS officers stationed in each of the states directly. A total of Rs 2,000 is given by the CM’s relief fund to help the people of Manipur. Approximately 12,000 people are stranded outside the state, said a helpline operator.


Helpline Numbers: 03812412424/ 03812413434

The state government had formed a three-member group, which is headed by, L H Darlong, principal secretary for transport; Apurba Roy, secretary P&C and R Gopal Rao, DIGP (crime) police headquarters. The government has an estimated expenditure of Rs.3.88 crore for those stranded amid lockdown.

Over 700 people who are stuck in hotels and other places have received Rs 1,000 per head per night and Rs 150 for food.

“Those staying in Tripura Bhawans in Assam, Kolkata, and Delhi have received Rs 108 per head every day with free accommodation. Over 25,000 migrant labourers are also being given Rs 1,000 directly to their accounts,” said Secretary TK Chakma.


Helpline Numbers: 037022911122/ 03702291120

“To address the matters of people stranded out of their states, the Nagaland state government has tied up with various NGOs, organisations like Nagaland Students’ Union and Naga Christian Fellowship to provide swift follow-up and help to the people stranded,” said state nodal officer Shanavas.

Here are some numbers that you can call in the respective states that you are stranded:

1) Hinoto P Aomi (Naga Students’ Union Delhi)
Contact: 8130946202/+91 78382 67717

2) Jubika A Yepthomi (Naga Students Union Dehradun)
Contact: 95361 96269

3) Imsanger Jamir (Naga Students Union Phagwara Punjab)
Contact: 9089319312/7005107979

4) Mughato D Kiba, (Naga Students’ Union Bangalore)
Contact: 8951820724/8553520551

5) Wungramthing Huileng (Naga Students Union Mumbai)
Contact: 9653237617

6) Asahrii Clement K (Naga Students Union Chennai)
Contact: 8413806296/8787569839

7) L Yantsothung Lotha (Naga students Union Salem, Tamil Nadu)
Contact: 7904727122

8) Sitenlo Tep (Naga students Union Allahabad/Prayagraj)
Contact: 8837048407

9) Inaka Khuju (Naga students Union Kerala)
Contact: 8258806436

10) Hokikhe Zhimo (Naga Students Union Guwahati)
Contact: 8787455965

11) Dinen (Naga Students Union Kolkata)
Contact: 70443 24514

12) Ajat Konyak (Naga Students Union Aizawl)
Contact: 9402015865

13) Chumroba J Sangtam (Nagaland Students Union Chandigarh)
Contact: 8847431879

14) Asimbe (Social worker and teacher Rajasthan)
Contact: 91213 24953

15) Lulu N.Lohe (Naga Students’Union Pune)
Contact: 9552048346/ 7875899669

16) T.P. Dining (Naga Students Union Shillong)
Contact: 9774545365

17) Putu Imsong (Naga Students Union Gujarat)
Contact: 91 79847 49637

There is also the portal through which one can apply with their grievances. A total of 2,300 cases have been registered so far with 1,200 direct calls. Out of 3,500 cases, the government has been able to provide help to 2,600 cases, with the remaining being processed.

“We have been able to provide help to people stranded in Dehradun where there is no local Naga body through the help of local district administration, hence we are working with all possible options to provide help to our people,” the state nodal officer said.


Helpline number: 6913347770

Along with Rs 2,000, the Assam state government is also providing help in the form of food relief and medicines. The monetary relief is provided after going through specific parameters that allow the correct distribution of money to the needy.


Helpline numbers: 03892323336/ 03892322336/ 03892318336

With the help of state nodal officers posted in each state of the country, the state government of Mizoram is mitigating the stranded people scenario. A call to one of the above-stated numbers will get you connected to the state helpline authority and will connect your call to the nodal officers of the state you are stranded in to help with the grievances.


Helpline numbers: i) District Control Room (East) – 204995

ii) District Control Room (South) – 264442/263722

iii) District Control Room (West) – 250999/250633

iv) District Control Room (North) – 234538

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