Staying home during lockdown is not all about binge-watching or playing online games Credit: Representational image

Guwahati: Amid the COVID-19 crisis, educational institutions have remained shut across the country. Stuck at home, students often have a lot of time on their hands even with the online classes that most institutions are already initiating. Online movies, web series, or games cannot obviously be the only way to spend those spare hours.

Time is precious and with an abundance of it, here are a few ways to use your time constructively while being online:

Read a lot: Now hold up, this does not specifically mean the academic books and assignments. It can be fiction or non-fiction; books only add to your arsenal of new words and the writing style or for the plain and simple reason of escaping to a different reality. E-book readers like Kindle provide you with a plethora of options that you can read up. You can also search for pdf versions of books that you want to read online.

Enrich your language by reading various books online

Online courses: This lockdown is probably the best time for students to enroll in some online courses. Due to the current situation, various institutions and organisations are starting to provide online courses ranging from academics to languages to even photography. One can even take up a hobby or try to perfect an already existing one.

Physical health: Work on your physical health because that is taking a major setback during this lockdown. For gym or fitness enthusiasts, lockdown means trying out some alternative home workouts. For non-fitness enthusiasts, the daily activities of walking to your school/ college or bus-stop or even your PE activities are in a complete shutdown mode. So, you can at least search through the net to find some basic home workouts or even download one of the many fitness apps to get your metabolism rolling.

Screengrab of some home workout videos that can be found online

Study in advance: With the mode of education shifting to online classrooms, a student can fully avail of all the study materials online. A quick phone call to the professor in charge will obviously be helpful as he or she will guide you through the required topics and which book or website to refer to. Getting a head start of the curriculum will help the student in understanding the topics much better in those online classes and also will help to find time for some extra and fun activities.

Virtual art tours: Various museums, art galleries have digitised their collections and are now providing free virtual tours, some even with the 360 cam experience. Visit New York’s MoMA and enjoy the art pieces of Pollock and Monet. If you prefer Botticelli, explore the Uffizi in Florence and enjoy the best collection of Renaissance art. Lovers of Van Gogh can go to Paris’s Musée d’Orsay or experience the British Museum without the push and shove of a crowd of people.

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