The Khowai police station installed the full body disinfecting device in Khowai market on Tuesday

Agartala: Tripura Police have come out with a low-cost public disinfecting chamber to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 in the state.

The 360-degree full-body disinfecting chamber, which can sanitise a person within 4-5 seconds, is the brainchild of Khowai district superintendent of police Dr Kiran Kumar, who watched some of the YouTube videos before creating the chamber.

Speaking with EastMojo, Kumar said that he watched some of the YouTube videos before starting to create this liquid disinfecting chamber which can be transported easily and installed in areas that witness a large section of the crowd.

“I was watching videos on YouTube to find something on COVID-19. I came across videos that informed that even the DRDO had already worked on this kind of disinfecting chambers which are installed in front of AIIMS Hospital. While the DRDO one costed Rs 4 lakh, we installed it here at Rs 15,000,” Kumar said.

He also said that similar disinfecting chambers were installed in Tamil Nadu’s Tirupur by the district collector followed by Jaipur in Rajasthan and Chandigarh in Haryana. All of them have worked well so far and there are many such examples which are available on the internet.

Khowai district SP Kiran Kumar in his office

Speaking further, he said that in making the disinfecting chamber, it took him less than 12 hours and the help of a few plumbers to set up the unit in Khowai market. It can disinfect at least 450 persons on a day basis and is very effective in places that witness huge crowd sin the district. It can also be easily transported anywhere and set up at a very short notice.

The unit requires a motor, pipes, spraying machine and a solution of heavily diluted sodium hypochloride.

“The solution is prepared by mixing the sodium hypochloride in the form of bleach solution. Since the material comes in a concentrated form and used in about 2% on the solution even in swimming pools, so we diluted about 1%. Once it is ready, it can kill all deadly virus instantly,” the SP said.

He further said that before installing it in Khowai market on Tuesday, Kumar tried spraying it upon himself to find the effectiveness of the device.

The chief minister took to his Twitter account to appreciate the initiative and wrote, “Prevention is better than cure. I appreciate the efforts of Tripura Police for making arrangements to sanitize the people entering a market in Khowai. Together with such efforts we have to strengthen our fight against COVID-19,” he wrote.

Following the success of the Khowai district SP, the higher authorities have also instructed the other district officials to adopt the idea and install similar chambers.

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