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New Delhi: The World Health Organisation (WHO), already under a lot of fire from the United States and other badly-hit countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, once again found itself in soup after it mistakenly placed India in the ‘community transmission’ category.

State-run news service Prasar Bharati on Friday reported that the global health watchdog had “officially accepted” its mistake in its COVID-19 ‘situation report’ published on April 9 in which it showed India to be in the stage of ‘community transmission’ of the outbreak.

However, the WHO later corrected its report to place India in the ‘cluster of cases’ category and not in the ‘community transmission’ stage.

Later on, when the Prasar Bharati News Services contacted WHO to inquire about the change in status, a WHO spokesperson said to “refer to the corrected version” of the WHO situation report.

Till Saturday morning, India reported a total of 7,447 coronavirus cases, with the death toll standing at 239.

According to the latest updates provided by the Union health ministry, there are 6,565 active cases with 239 deaths so far in the country. As many as 642 patients have been cured or discharged and one has migrated.

Globally, more than 1.6 million people have been infected by the deadly virus and over 1 lakh people have lost their lives.

WHO report

“The daily situation report will now report the COVID-19 transmission scenario for each country using the definitions published in the updated global surveillance guidance published on 20 March. Transmission scenarios are self-reported by member states to WHO. The transmission scenarios are: no confirmed cases, sporadic cases, clusters of cases, and community transmission,” the WHO report states.

Interestingly, China, where the outbreak was first reported from in Wuhan, has also been placed in the ‘cluster of cases’ category although they have over 83,000 confirmed cases and more than 3,300 deaths so far.

Countries such as the US, Canada, Brazil and South Africa have been put in the ‘community transmission’ stage.

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