(From left) Prototype of the hands-free object and face shield

Guwahati: Researchers at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Guwahati (NIPER-G) have come out with two products to fight against the current pandemic of COVID-19.

The first product is a 3D-printed hands-free object that could be used to help open or close doors, windows, drawers (both vertical and horizontal), refrigerator handle, or press elevator buttons, and laptop/desktop keyboards, including turning the switch buttons on/off etc.

Given the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, these surfaces may play a key role in transmitting infection from one person to another as these surfaces are the most germ-infested objects in our surrounding.

The researchers came up with the design for the fabrication of the 3D-printed object after a detailed analysis of several resources for risk measurement and on how viruses spread through bare hands.

Dr USN Murty, director, NIPER-G, noted that the product was easy to design, and was amenable to the rapid development of prototypes. It was also handy, user friendly, non-fragile and easy to clean with the existing sanitizers or any alcoholic disinfectant.

The second product is a 3D-printed antimicrobial face-shield to control the spread of novel coronavirus. It was designed after a thorough study to understand how viruses spread through oral, ophthalmic, olfactory and other body cavities.

The face shield is an easy design and open to rapid development of prototypes. It is low cost, easy to wear, has good chemical stability, non-fragile and is easy maintenance like the 3D-printed hands-free object.

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