Dr Dipannita Kaushik (left) is now pursuing her Master’s in public health and her mother, Simarekha Bhagawati, is an associate professor at Morigaon College in Assam Credit: EastMojo image

Guwahati: Cases of people infected with coronavirus is on a steady rise with even medical personnel falling prey to the highly infectious virus. However, the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) is still inversely proportional to the number of frontline workers. To mitigate this problem, an Assam based mother-daughter duo has come up with a unique and innovative way to make such PPEs at home.

Professor Simarekha Bhagawati, along with her daughter Dr Dipannita Kaushik, is showing how to make masks and shields via simple DIY videos. Kaushik, who completed her MBBS in 2015, is now pursuing a Master’s degree in public health from the Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

“We have been seeing people using 3D printers to make face shields which is really an innovative process. However, not many have access to such high-end printers,” said Kaushik.

The equipment used in the preparation of the PPEs are easily found in everyone’s houses, says the mother-daughter duo

While thinking of ways to make shields with easily available materials, she stumbled upon various transparent plastic sheets and stick files. Realisation dawned that with the use of these transparent plastic sheets as shields and with some crafty additions in the form of CT scanners and X-Ray sheets one can easily make face-shields at their homes.

Face shields are okay, but what about face masks? Kaushik’s mother then came into the play and created another DIY video of face masks. Bhagawati who is an associate professor at Morigaon College with a PhD in mathematics showed easy ways in which one can stitch themselves a mask from cloth bags, that too a double-layered one.

In these times when even healthcare workers are unable to have access to PPEs such innovative and easy-to-make ways are very helpful for the people on the frontline. Who knows, these DIY videos might inspire others to make the products and help mitigate the low availability of these much-required products.

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