The returnees shall undergo 14 days of mandatory quarantine process

Dimapur: The Nagaland home department on Thursday issued an advisory to the people who are intending to return to Nagaland after the lockdown is over via commercial flight services.

The advisory stated, “All the persons planning to return to Nagaland on resumption of commercial flight services to Dimapur are strongly advised to postpone their return for the time being.”

The advisory that was isuued by the home department of Nagaland

The advisory also added that for those whose returns are unavoidable, they make take note that upon landing at Dimapur Airport they will be medically scanned and thereafter taken in vehicles arranged by the Nagaland State Transport to the institutional quarantine centres designated by the government in Dimapur.

The returnees will have to undergo 14 days of mandatory quarantine process, the release added .

Being the commercial hub of the state and also the only district that has air and railway connectivity, the state government has been taking a lot of steps and measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the region.

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