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Shillong: The Meghalaya police on Friday informed that three unnatural deaths were reported in the state; however, they were not related to the ongoing national lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic, but due to personal and other psychological reasons, said a senior official.

Assistant Inspector General of Police GK Iangrai in a statement mentioned that several reports have been received from different districts regarding incidents of unnatural deaths in the form of suicides in the past few days. As per information, such deaths have been registered in West Jaintia Hills, and one each in East Khasi Hills, West Garo Hills and South West Garo Hills.

Iangrai informed that legal formalities have been observed in all the cases. While conducting legal procedures, it was ascertained that the cases are not related to the current lockdown that has been imposed in the state, but due to personal and various other psychological reasons.

“In the past few days, several media houses have published tidings regarding migrant workers facing numerous constraints due to the imposition of the lockdown, and the issue of two migrant labourers of Meghalaya cutting short their lives was also highlighted,” read the statement.

“The two cases of Meghalaya labourers ending their lives during the lockdown as reported in the past few days, relates to the case of a migrant labourer from Meghalaya who ended his life in Agra and another pertains to an unknown cadaver, which was recovered from Umsawli, Shillong; however, in this case, the manager undertaking the construction work at the site had clarified that the unidentified remains found at the construction site was never an employee of the company [sic],” the statement read.

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