Shamim Mokles is a content creator from Assam who runs a YouTube channel called ‘Kiba Kibi’

Bengaluru: It’s really easy to stay excited and motivated when everything is going great. Although easier said than done, keeping oneself motivated is the key to help oneself get through difficult times. However, tough times may take a toll on one’s mental health.

In a bid to spread awareness on mental health and help others, Shamim Mokles, a content creator from Assam who is now in Bengaluru, is using his YouTube channel to deliver to share messages on mental health and how people are coping up with the lockdown. Rather than putting himself in front of the camera, he asked his friend and colleagues to share their messages in these trying times.

Dhubri-born Shamim, founder of YouTube channel Kiba Kibi (translates to ‘something or the other’), has come out with an amalgamation video titled ‘Ek Din Sab Thik Ho Jayega’ (Everything will be fine one day) in which people share their version of coping up with the lockdown. The thought is echoed by all, who say, “The tough times will be over soon”.

Video titled ‘Ek Din Sab Thik Ho Jayega’ (Everything Will Be Fine One Day) shares lockdown stories of people from different walks of life across the globe

Speaking to EastMojo, Shamim said that the concept for the video came from a phrase written on a board at a friend’s residence.

“At first, it felt amusing but when I gave it a thought, I realised that it is actually a good idea and everything will be fine one day. My channel is based on storytelling and is not focused on any particular genre and I consider this as very good that needs to be told and that is why I made this video,” Shamim said.

He further said that the motive of the video was to convey hope.

“The concept of the video is that we are all on this together. Be it someone from Guwahati, Kolkata, Mumbai or outside the country, I called up my friends from different parts of the world and as you can see, the stories co-relate with each other. We all are living the same phase and the same scenario and we are all in this together,” Shamim added.

The content creator was also planning to visit his parents in Assam’s Dhubri district but refrained from travelling considering the threats the fatal coronavirus poses to older people. Along with his own YouTube platform, Shamim is also working as an art group head at a digital marketing agency in Bengaluru and has over ten years of experience in the creative industry. Shamim started his YouTube channel ‘Kiba Kibi’ in November 2018.

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