Hollwood action comedy superstar Jackie Chan

New Delhi: Actor Jackie Chan turns 65 on Tuesday, April 7. The Hong Kongese martial artist started his career at a very young age where he performed stunts as ‘extra’ in films for the likes of Bruce Lee, among others. After attaining a black belt, Chan continued to train in other forms of martial arts like Judo, Taekwondo and Jeet Kune Do.

It was during the late 70s and early 80s that Chan started working as a lead in films. By the 90s, Chan had established himself in the Hong Kong Cinema and popularised the comedy kung-fu genre with his spectacular stunt work peppered with slapstick humour.

Chan has over 140 films to his credit in a career that spans over six decades. He debuted in film direction with the 1978 release, The Fearless Hyena, and has directed nearly 10 films so far. Chan was honoured with the coveted Academy Award for his “extraordinary achievements” in films in 2016.

On his birthday, here’s looking at some of his best action films to-date:

Police Story (1985)

The first instalment of the franchise saw Chan as a cop who later becomes an absconder after he is falsely framed. With impeccable comic timing and use of innovative props in his stunt work, Chan is an absolute delight in this film. In his autobiography, Chan himself mentioned Police Story, his best action film. The franchise made five sequels after the first part was widely praised.

Rush Hour

Chan became Chief Inspector Lee alongside James Carter played by Chris Tucker for this buddy-cop action-comedy. Chan’s unexpected gags and improvised fight sequences won him a million hearts.

Drunken Master II (1994)

In Drunken Master II, Chan reprises his role as a famed martial artist. The film, however, was less of a sequel of the 1978 Drunken Master but more like a reboot. Chan delivered humour in abundance with his ‘drunken boxing’ style and bared some top-notch action.

Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

This film was Chan’s friendly handshake with the US mainstream. In this action-comedy, Chan portrays the role of a Hong Kong-based cop who lands in New York to help his uncle sell his supermarket. However, in a quick turn of events, Chan finds himself in a spat with local gangsters only to end up as a target of a crime group. The film’s jaw-dropping action that extended Chan’s legacy, was choreographed by none other than Chan himself.

Who Am I? (1998)

Jackie Chan became co-director and co-writer for this film. Chan plays the role of a secret soldier who is on a mission to bust three deceitful scientists. However, the plot turns into a cliffhanger after Chan loses his memory. It’s an absolute laugh riot as Chan sets out on a memory revival journey accompanied by two female assistants.

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