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Guwahati: It’s Day 13 of the nationwide lockdown initiated by PM Narendra Modi and even with all the valid new information about the need for physical distancing and home quarantine, it still seems to fall on deaf ears.

In a bid to track the movement of home-quarantined individuals, ParkingRhino, a mobility start-up from Assam, has developed a mobile app called ‘Stay Home’.

“There are two key elements that we tried to focus on through this app,” said Tridip Konwar, CEO and co-founder of ParkingRhino, adding: “Firstly, to enforce on the suspected or quarantined people the need and the importance of self-isolation and to reduce the already stretched manpower of the authorities that needed to keep a vigilant eye on the individuals.”

Through this app, the authorities can ask the suspected individuals (can be a recent traveler or having mild symptoms of COVID-19) to register on it so that they can keep a track of the person through real-time data analytics. Then, thorough GPS, mobile cell network and Internet, the application will track the individual’s current address. Now, if the person moves in/out of the pre-defined area, the system will generate an alert.

The authorities can enforce the quarantined individual to register on the app via, which can then track his or her movement without physically being there all the time

However, it will work only if the suspected individual keeps his cellphone near him all the time. To solve this issue, the individual will be asked to take a self-photograph/ selfie through the mobile and send it to the authority via the app within a specified interval of time. Internally, the system will take the current location and send it (along with the selfie) to the cloud server every hour. Failure or deviation from a quarantined address will reflect an alert on the dashboard and the authority can take necessary action against the defaulters.

The app, which is a brainchild of Konwar and Mriganka Deka, has already approached the necessary authorities of all the Northeastern states, besides Rajasthan. “Through the contacts that we have gathered via ParkingRhino, we have also forwarded our proposals to various agencies in Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines,” added Konwar.

ParkingRhino is a mobility start-up funded by the North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd (NEDFi) Venture Capital Fund and was awarded a monetary grant from NRL (under oil and gas ministry) and Karnataka government from ‘Elevate 100’.

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