Meghalaya Police has reiterated that stern action will be taken against those circulating fake news Credit: Representational image

Shillong: The Tablighi Jamaat gathering at Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi held earlier last month has left many worried, especially with the cases of COVID-19 linked to the event soaring across the country, including Northeast.

After news came to light that seven members of Shillong Markaz had attended the Tablighi Jamaat gathering, Meghalaya Police confirmed that all of them had not returned to the state so far. However, a message has been doing the rounds on social media that one of them has been caught at Byrnihat in Ri Bhoi district of the state.

The message stated that “one Muslim man who attended the Delhi congregation (terrorist) and who is affected with the Covid-19 has been caught at Byrnihat and two of his companions who came along with him to spread the virus have escaped and (their) whereabouts are still unknown (these guys escaped from Assam quarantine center so as to spread and fulfill their mission) [sic].”

However, Meghalaya Police were quick to react that the message circulated is ‘fake news’.

Assistant inspector general of police GK Iangrai informed that the message [fake news] being circulated has been designed to create trepidation and disorder in the state.

Iangrai in his statement informed that the real fact is that Jeherul Islam and Majibar Rehman, both from Barpeta in Assam, came to Byrnihat in a vehicle. As they were passing through the area, they were detained by villagers who then handed them over to police officials of Byrnihat outpost, Iangrai said.

He further mentioned that the detained duo on being questioned informed that they were vegetable sellers and that they have been moving from Assam to Meghalaya for the purpose of selling vegetables. The particulars of both the individuals were verified and it was ascertained that they had neither attended the Tablighi Jamaat gathering in Nizamuddin nor were they any of those fled from one of the quarantine centres in Assam.

Police officials are on the lookout of those propagating this message and reiterated that stern action will be taken against such people.

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