Shillong: Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma on Wednesday acknowledged that not only the state but the entire country is facing shortage of equipment and medicines amid the coronavirus aka COVID-19 pandemic.

Sangma said that no state or country today has enough equipment or enough medicine. He said that the question now arises as to how much can we get? And also to ensure that they are distributed properly down to the grassroots level.

He highlighted that most importantly the equipment and medicines should be used judiciously. “To be very honest, it is never going to be enough. As I said, even countries like the US and China are facing a shortage. The country as a whole is facing a shortage. Therefore, the only thing we can ensure and we can do is to judiciously use these equipment and medicines that we have and ensure that we are able to send them across to the districts,” added Sangma.

Sangma, however, informed that the state has sufficient requirements as of now.

“In such a situation, we don’t know how many numbers will come. Of course, any kind of preparation is not enough for a full-blown case of coronavirus spreading everywhere for any state or country. But I think, in the current circumstances, we have done our best and we are continuously procuring more equipment. We are continuously in the process of getting especially personal protection equipment that are required for the doctors. We are making efforts from every angle to ensure that more and more of these supplies come in,” said Sangma.

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